Guaranteed Corporate Turnaround

It’s very simple. We’ve turned around, saved or rebuilt more companies and protected all their stakeholders: shareholders, creditors, staff and owners alike; than anyone else – anywhere.

“Any person can come into a company and control the bottom line just by firing people. It is not innovative, talented or elegant, and it is always short-term. We have amazing people-oriented methods and techniques that are so effective and appear so effortless that they are like magic.”

Denning Branch International (DBI) is engaged by companies experiencing survival-threatening financial or operational stress. We are not liquidators, receivers or administrators who remove the last bit of cash out of your company. DBI is potentially your life saver.

Operating in-house and very much hands-on, we bring proven and unmatched competence to rebuilding companies, even from the brink of closure. As you would expect, few traditional methods are used. The real difference is our proprietary methodology which removes guesswork and risk, eliminates the need to downsize, and guarantees almost instant improvement.

Our standing is such that often just the act of engaging us engenders good-will, increases morale, enjoins stakeholders to be patient, reverses critical staff departures, attracts quality people, garnishes otherwise unattainable funding, and creates a preferred place to work.

Contact us confidentially and without obligation to talk about our expert and sensitive assistance.

The only companies we have not helped are those who do not let us.
Example engagements are the successful turnarounds of stock exchange listed companies Creat Resource Holdings (mining), Krucible Metals (exploration), Chromogenex (medical equipment), private companies Oasis Systems (telecommunications), West Motorsport (Formula 1000 racing car manufacturing) and most recently in 2019 Travel with a Cause (NFP international travel).