Denning Branch International uses the word “turnaround” loosely and we include all forms of business development. While we are especially skilled at fixing the most dire of corporate situations, we also address scenarios such as capitalizing on new opportunities outside the core business area, improving profitability in healthy companies, and simply reversing decline in its early stages before crisis occurs.

References from some of our clients:

“There have been so many amazing things happening with Allan’s intuition and business savvy. I am continually amazed daily. Recent events include having improved payment schedules, which as you know gives us much more cash flow, staff incentives have seen a hive of activity like never before and marketing is underway. Personally, I have been challenged in letting go of the old ways, but already can understand this is the way forward for the business.” Jane Johnston, Travel With a Cause

“He has a unrelenting desire and unique capacity to solve problems and engender ideas, respect and the loyalty necesary to achieve preeminent outcomes.” Di Rowe, Mineral Resources Tasmania

“Allan has a highly charismatic person, with wonderful team building skills, and has a talent for generating loyal and motivated staff.” Chris Williams, Chromogenex

“I…have been amazed by his intuition and ability to read and react instinctively and correctly in complex commercial situations.” Sean Kelly, BCK Lawyers

“For the first time in many years myself and my family are very excited for the future of the company.” Peter Blythe Tasmanian Organics

“Allan’s conduct throughout the transaction was consistent with international best practices, and he was comfortable and proficient dealing with several parties located in various jurisdictions whose transaction styles, cultural attitudes and expectations varied.” Eugene Tablis, Bergen Capital Management

“Achieving successful results thatI could nto have envisaged seven months ago.” Steve Powell, Hartz Group

“I want to thank you very much for the time you spent to look into our company and put together the strategy plan.” Stephan Blum, Scientific Officer, Whitefox Technologies, Germany

“What an inspirational time. Thanks for turning everything upside down so we could find the right path. I feel like we’ve just had a mini-MBA.” Mark Bruce CEO, True North Group, Sydney

“Their knowledge of marketing is extensive and insightful, in both strategic/developmental and tactical/implementational segments.” Dabni Harvey, SVP Saatchi & Saatchi NY

“Their credibility and hands-on experience, demonstrated clearly, has been the cornerstone for this project.” Robert Williams, General Electric Plastics Consumer Marketing Programs MA

“We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have found Allan.” Brian Wilson, Chairman, Minecom International, Australia

“They are truly one of the most intellectually attuned executive consultants with depth of content to offer any senior executive.” Stephanie Race, Head Oracle eCommerce Europe

“They have highly effective management, ethics, salesmanship, credibility and authority, are team builders and are unfailingly results oriented.” Zachary Rosenfield, NBBJ Architects NY

“Brings the best from the laboratory to the factory floor.” James Currier Sr., NDC Automation Sweden

“Offers excellent service and backup, we have pleasure in recommending them to other companies.” Michael Skurchak, Bic Assembly Department, CT

“We’ll give you a very good reference.” Greg Smith, Director, SciVentures Melbourne Australia.

“The best CEO we ever had.” Sandra Williams, International Sales, Chromogenex Plc UK.

“The salt of the Earth.” Robert Bowen, Farmer, Richmond, Australia.

“An absolure rock!” Stephen Powell, Chairman Hartz Group, Australia

Clients including consulting other than company turnaround:

Travel With a Cause, Australia, travel 2015
Krucible Metals Ltd, mineral exploration, Australia 2014
Jonathon Kuhn, glass artist, USA 2013
Creat Resources Holdings, mining, Australia 2011
Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Beijing 2011
The Lair, luxury accommodation, 2010
Tasmanian Organics, organic cosmetics Australia 2010
Hartz International, beverages 2010
Orange Investments, 2010
William Cranny, 2009
Working Dog Club of Tasmania, 2009
Rescue Robotics, A&M University, Texas, 2009
Tasmanian Paints Pty Ltd, 2009
Hartz Group, Australia 2008
Light Age, Inc, New Jersey 2008
USA Photonics, Inc, New York 2008
Sequel Genetics, Inc., Pittsburgh 2007
Robert Bowen, Tasmania, 2007
Lightshop, Inc: New York, Perth, Singapore, China, Argentine 2006
Maypole Bakery Pty Ltd, Hobart Tasmania 2006
Willow Court, private college, Tasmania 2006
Papyrus Technology Ltd, Adelaide South Australia 2006
University of New South Wales, UniSearch, 2005
Maypole Bakery Pty Ltd, Australia 2005
Waverley Woollen Mills, Australia 2005
Whitefox Technologies Limited, UK 2005
Sweet Chilli Pepper Café, Tasmania 2004
Royal National Agricultural and Pastoral Society, Australia 2005
Polymicron Technologies, Canada (Alternative energy) 2004
Gen-X Power Corporation, Germany (ethanol fuel cells) 2004
Minecom International Pty Ltd, Australia, South Africa, Canada 2004
Lazarus Technology Mentoring, Inc. NY (Decisionsmith) 2004
Roberts Ltd., ASX rural agriculture 2004-2005
Webster Ltd., ASX listed, rural, horticulture, aquaculture 2003
Searson Buck, Executive Recruitment 2003
Compliance Corp 2003
Troika Software, Texas, Online CRM, 2003
Access Online, Sydney 2003
Microview, Sydney (consultant to NSW Government Registry project) 2003
Sequel Genetics, Pittsburgh 2003
McKenzie Contracting 2003
Better Entertainment, Inc- Glendale CA 2002
ReadyTestGo, Inc. San Jose, Chennai, London, Singapore, New York 2002
Optiva, South San Francisco 2002
Novazone, Bay Area CA 2002
Elchrom Scientific AG, New York, NY and Zurich, Switzerland 2001
Featherstons, Hobart 2001 SF CA 2000, Pty Ltd, Sydney, San Francisco 2000
Go Man Go, Pty Ltd, Fox Studios, Sydney, Australia 2000
True North Group, UK, USA, NZ, Australia 2000
Smooth Moves Animation, New York 1999
Global Axxess, Inc. New York 1999 Freight Technologies, Ltd, Melbourne, Australia 1999
Rosenfield, Inc, New York, NY 1999
Virex, CA, (Business Development) 1999
Bothwell Store, Tasmania 1998
Owens Corning, Tennessee 1997
Milan Transit Authority, Italy 1997
Komatsu, Japan 1996
West Point Stevens, Georgia 1996
NASA, Cape Kennedy 1996
JPL, Pasadena 1996
Kobe Copper, Virginia 1996
Anheuser Busch, Colorado 1996
Micron Technologies, Idaho 1996
Malaysian Government 1995
Bic, Milford Connecticut 1995
New Born Candies 1995
Berkeley Challenge 1995
Xerox Rochester NY, Venlo Holland 1994
Windsor Industries, Colorado 1994
Levi Straus, Amarillo TX 1994
US Department of Defense 1993
US Post 1993
Federal Express 1993
Denning Mobile Robotics, Inc. Boston MA, Pittsburgh PA 1993
Service Master 1992
Hilton Hotels 1991
Moulinex SA, Caen France 1991
General Electric Plastics, Inc. MA 1989
Axlon, Inc. Sunnyvale CA 1987
Commodore Business Machines, Inc. Dallas TX 1983
Mitsubishi, Tokyo Japan 1983
Re Foundation, Hong Kong 1983
A&A International, Hong Kong 1983
Tomy Corp, Tokyo, Japan 1983
Culligan IL USA. 1989
Samsonite Denver, Belgium 1989
General Motors, MI, USA 1988
Electrolux, Sweden 1988
Miele, Germany 1988
Black & Decker, Connecticut 1988
Hoover, USA 1988
Tennant, USA 1988
Windsor, Colorado 1988
Castex 1988
Black & Decker 1987
Ban Dai, Japan 1987
K-Mart, Australia 1987
Radio Shack, Fort Worth Texas 1986
Net Enterprises Tasmania 1986
Photogys, Tasmania 1985
CSIRO, Australia 1985
Hughes Aircraft, California 1984
Tasmanian Government 1984
Australian Government 1984
DBI is particularly skilled at establishing new technology companies, for example saving portfolio companies of Venture Capital Corporations. Startups that have failed to roll-out, attract funding, commercialize technology, entice talented staff, and similar, are typical of the scenarios we fix.