DBI is a unique Corporate Development Specialist. We are not administrators or receivers, nor hatchet managers. We act with sensitivity and compassion to protect the work and wealth of creditors, debtors, shareholders, owners, employees and communities alike.

Our services in this area fall into three broad categories: Turnarounds as internal CEO, training through Workshops or similar, and Consulting services. These three service categories can be interpreted essentially as:

  • Planning SessionWe fix the company for you: (Turnarounds),
  • We show you how to fix it: (Workshops), or
  • We guide you as you fix it: (Consulting).

Our difference is the scale and scope of our experience as hands-on managers with the interests of all stakeholders foremost in mind. We save companies, wealth and jobs.

From mature Fortune 100 organizations with plateaued growth to startups that have failed to roll-out or receive funding, from listed companies on stock exchanges such as the NYSE, ASX, AIM, NASDAQ, DAX, CAC40 and Nikkei, to private small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s). Companies struggling with external forces such as new competitors, new technology, new legislation, new market forces or new customer demands. Or internal forces such as organizational challenges, size inertia, production inefficiencies, structural problems, financial and management controls, international synchronicity or staff morale.

“They have highly effective management, ethics, salesmanship, credibility and authority, are team builders and are unfailingly results oriented.” Zachary Rosenfield, New York.